SD WAN Consulting

As customers continue to adopt the innovative delivery model that is software-defined networking (SDN), demand for solutions like software-defined wide area network or “SD WAN” gets stronger every day. What is SD-WAN? Think Wide Area Network – interconnected offices/branches/devices over a “wide” geographic area. Then layer on the software-defined part, which means there is an application involved that makes WAN more efficient, cost-effective and agile.

Traditional WAN environments, in many instances, meant proprietary hardware at each location – more money, less agile, more labor intensive. With SD WAN, the network management/control happens in the cloud, which means it is also more accessible for network engineers.

SD-WAN also opens up a new world of integration. With the proprietary systems no longer in play, there are more choices available to companies of all sizes, enabling efficiencies and price negotiation across vendors with similar solutions. In addition, virtualization can increase security with protocols and virtual private networking (VPN) applied to broadband Internet connections.

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