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Powerful, effective, intelligent.

Engage Your Contacts Every Step of the Way

Convert more leads, engage your customers, and streamline operations with a powerful communications strategy platform. VonageReach harnesses the unmatched ability to grab your audience’s attention through the most effective communication channel: text messaging. VonageReach enables you to send tailored messages to the right person, at the right time, with little to no human intervention!

Mobile devices are the most ubiquitous, immediate, and attention-grabbing form of communication. As a result, text messaging (SMS) is the most immediate, attention grabbing, and cost-effective communication channel there is.

VonageReach is a complete SMS platform that enables you to send SMS messages to numerous customers or individual alerts to the certain people at the right time – all automatically.

Mobile/Cross-Channel Marketing:

Mobile and Cross-Channel Marketing let’s you reach your customers, even when they are on the go. VonageReach allows you to reach large numbers of customers via its campaign capabilities or specific customers via alerts and reminders.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing gives you a proven channel most customers are already comfortable engaging with businesses through.

Mobile Loyalty Program:

Generate repeat business and give yourself a competitive advantage with a customizable loyalty rewards program.

Social Bonding:

Social Media gives you the opportunity to build your brand image, engage customers on a more personal level, and potentially even go viral.

Feature Overview:

  • Smart Targeting: optimizes your messages by catering them to each recipient’s interests
  • Rules and Triggers: automate individualized and perfectly timed messages
  • Cross Selling Capabilities: Built into a single user interface to let you reach all or your subscribers
  • Landline Texting: enables you to send and receive text messages using your Vonage Business number
    instead of using your personal mobile number
  • APIs: for software developers to integrate your existing systems for mobile marketing
  • Corporate Branding: Brand our software under your corporate name

Array of Tools

  • Mobile Keywords: Text-To-Join keywords are registered words that can be texted by subscribers to opt-in to your messaging program
  • Picture Messaging: Send plain text messages (SMS) or multimedia messages (MMS) that include pictures
    and videos
  • Import Subscribers: If you already have a database of subscribers who gave you full consent for texting, you can easily import the numbers into VonageReach
  • Auto-Responder: Create messages that are automatically sent to subscribers when they opt-in through your
    mobile keyword
  • Appointment Reminder: Ensure that people show up for their appointments by sending reminders via SMS
  • Short Codes: Short codes are shortened (4, 5, or 6-digit) phone numbers that enable you to send up to 300 messages per second! You can choose a free shared short code or purchase your own dedicated code to which subscribers can text your keyword.

Enterprise Capabilities

  • User Management: With control access, users can access your account, but determine which features they can use
  • Sub-Accounts: For companies with multiple locations, you can keep data separate for each location or department
  • Centralized Reporting: Fine-tune campaigns and allocate messaging credits as needed
  • Custom Templates: Pre-made templates to help save time and maintain consistent brand image
  • Custom Integration: Integration support for high-volume API customers
  • Business Continuity: Redundant data centers, servers, network connectivity, and paths to wireless carriers offer maximum availability






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