TekTalk: New Game Changer – Multi-Cloud Management Platforms

New Game Changer – Multi-Cloud Management Platforms

We know you/your customers are using the cloud. The question is…how many clouds are you using?

According to a February 2017 article from Forbes, the average enterprise is using six different cloud services and SMB’s are no different. The reason? Some clouds are better for one use case than others. Amazon is widely regarded as the leader for developers, while Microsoft Azure may be preferred for native Microsoft applications. Even cloud file-sharing services like Dropbox are still commonplace for increased productivity.

So, if you don’t know how many clouds your customers are using, the answer most likely is…quite a few.

Managing multiple clouds is time consuming. If you/your customers are actively looking for a better way to work, check out multi-cloud management platforms.

The complexity and wasted productivity that comes from managing six cloud platforms – individually – is mind blowing. With TekEfficient, you can help streamline cloud management for your customers using a new CenturyLink service called Cloud Application Manager. Essentially it’s a cloud-neutral portal that will allow your customers to fully manage multiple cloud platforms via a single online interface.

What services can you/your customers manage with Cloud Application Manager?

Cloud Application Manager enables you/your customers to easily manage a variety of cloud providers including the hyperscale providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Rackspace private cloud, IMB / Softlayer, and CenturyLink Cloud amongst others.

The multiple financial benefits of Cloud Application Manager

Benefit 1: save 5% off existing cloud spend when you link / manage five cloud services with Cloud Application Manager.

Benefit 2: TekEfficient partners – make commissions off all net-new cloud spend added by your customers using the Cloud Application Manager. This includes AWS and other channel-revenue-challenge cloud providers!

Benefit 3: Bonus 1% for being a TekEfficient partner. As one of the largest CenturyLink partners in the US, TekEfficient makes 1% extra on all existing monthly spend with CenturyLink and we pass the bonuses on to our partners!

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Need to Learn More about Multi-Cloud Management before You Get Involved?

We understand completely. It is your brand on the line. TekEfficient is here to help answer any/all questions you may have on the topic. Use the button below to reach out to Moses and schedule some one-on-one talk time. Also, we have included a few industry resources to provide information on the technologies, market, options, etc. so you can learn what you need to make an informed decision.




Spotlight: CenturyLink

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Enter CenturyLink Business: we’re committed to your business success. CenturyLink is the technology partner for many of the largest global businesses, helping them reduce their time to market, enable a distributed workforce, and gain a competitive edge. Be agile, secure, and optimized with CenturyLink Business as your partner.