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Cloud Delivered Desktops

Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops are redefining the way the world works


Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops eliminate the complexity of traditional desktop management by offering a fully-managed, secure end user computing platform. Receive consistent, reliable performance and an exceptional end user experience with Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops.


Dizzion cloud delivered desktops efficiently deliver desktops, workspace, and application environments to end users as a fully-managed cloud service. Our cloud delivered desktops enable mid-sized to enterprise-level organizations to deliver the performance and flexibility users expect while still maintaining security and control over corporate data. Support a growing, dynamic and changing workforce by enabling users to be productive from any device, anywhere with Dizzion’s virtual desktop solutions.



Our technology platform was designed to support the needs of large-scale virtual desktop deployments and provide high performance end user computing. Enterprise-grade hardware, proprietary storage tier, VDI-optimized compute resources, and low latency network design deliver a reliable user experience with maximum uptime. Supported by robust physical and virtual security, Dizzion’s converged infrastructure enables your organization to easily and securely scale desktops without compromising user experience.



Employees can work anywhere, anytime and on any device using a reliable internet connection.
Get new users ramped more quickly and reduce IT time required to support them on multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, thin/zero clients, and smartphones.


Purpose-built for speed on infrastructure that delivers 99.99% availability. Customizable deployment options along with HD video and VOIP softphone integration deliver a seamless user experience.


Secure desktops are designed with multiple layers of enterprise-grade virtual and physical security. Achieve a high level of control over users, roles, devices and access with more than 100 customizable security controls to meet each organization’s security or compliance requirements.


High level of customization, from delivery methods to endpoint options to data residency requirements. Persistent (named or perpetual) and non-persistent (concurrent) options are available.


Operating system, virtualization software, anti-malware, backups, patching, updates and expert support are included for a simple monthly fee. Refocus your IT resources away from the endpoint and onto business transformation and higher-value activities.


Rapidly manage and deploy desktops from a centralized location without having to physically touch each endpoint device. Eliminate tedious time spent patching and upgrading
operating systems, applications, and individual user configurations.

Cloud-Delivered Desktop Matrix

Desktop Sizes


OS Options

Delivery Options

Security & Controls

Dizzion customizes the virtual desktop deployment for each organization’s needs. Each group has access to the exact data and applications required, ensuring a high-quality and productive user experience. Organizations can order differing numbers of Prime, Pro or Power desktop configurations to meet their needs. Each cloud delivered desktop can be configured for performance according to vCPU, memory, and disk/IOPS just as you would design a laptop to meet performance requirements. Customizable desktop configurations are available for Power+ users.

User type Prime (Admin) Pro (Knowledge) Power (Creator) Power+ (High CPU)
vCPU 1 2 4 Custom
Memory 2 4 6 Custom
Avg.IOPS 100 125 150 Custom


Dizzion offers both persistent (named or perpetual) and non-persistent (concurrent) cloud delivered desktops to support a variety of use cases:

  • Persistent desktops support single users with unique login information. The persistent desktop can be disconnected and reconnected at a later time on the same or different end-user device without disruption of the current desktop applications and activities.
  • Non-persistent desktops support multiple users without unique user and session information maintained within the desktop. Disconnection and reconnection to the same unique user login will maintain the current desktop session via a predetermined “time to live” parameter.


Dizzion cloud delivered desktops support Windows 7/8/10, Server 2008 R2, and 2012 R2 Desktop Experience (DEx) Operating System. Supported endpoint clients include Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, MacOS, Linux, Apple IOS, Android OS, Chrome OS, thin/zero clients, and Dizzion’s zLink and zLink+ devices.

The Windows DEx operating system option allows an organization to select the best service delivery to meet their requirements. Windows DEx is a Windows Server running in a mode that makes it equivalent to a desktop operating system. By using server licensing, Dizzion can provide the desktop, patching and assurance just as an EA agreement can. Additionally, the requirement for VDA and CDA licensing goes away. Organizations can also provide their own licenses or utilize application streaming to deliver legacy applications to many users.


Dizzion offers private cloud, on-premise and hybrid delivery options to satisfy the unique requirements of your organization:

Private Cloud Delivery

  • Dedicated firewalls, security servers, connection brokers, authentication servers and trusts, load balancers and network integration provide highly-available, secure connections
  • Customer isolation within their own secure environment
  • High availability (HA) configuration to protect against downtime 99.99% SLA availability

On-Premise Delivery

  • A purpose-built Dizzion POD is deployed on-premise at the customer location and desktops integrate locally with customer applications and data
  • One 48U POD supports approximately 2,000 simultaneous virtual desktops
  • Gain efficiencies of scale as deployments continue to expand

Hybrid Delivery

  • Configure a combination of private cloud and on-premise delivery options to meet your unique needs
  • Reduce latency when supporting multiple geographic locations (i.e. multi-national or regional delivery)
  • Support disaster recovery plans by using an on-premise POD for production and private-cloud delivery for fail-over


Security for Users, Applications and Data

Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops include security at every layer, from the end user and endpoint devices to network and physical security layers. This multi-layered security approach utilizes enterprise-grade security hardware and virtualization to ensure customer environments are isolated and fully secure.

More than 100 security controls provide the ability to prevent users from capturing, storing and/or printing confidential and personally identifiable information. Security and controls can be role-based, thereby authorizing or restricting to systems, applications and data based on the type and/or class of user.

Dizzion’s PCI and HIPAA compliant environment consists of 12 unique technologies and processes to further harden our hyper-converged infrastructure. This combination of technology and controls helps to satisfy the 12 requirements of the PCI DSS standard while providing the same level of availability and high performance Dizzion customers and end users demand. With Dizzion’s compliant cloud delivered desktops, covered entities and business associates that produce, save, transfer or receive PHI can more easily reach and maintain compliance.