Value Added Resellers (VARs)

Easily Offer Your Customers a 360-Degree Technology Solution with TekEfficient!

TekEfficient is the ideal partner for value added resellers (VARs). As a leading national master agent, we extend contractual agreements with 100+ different technology services providers to you for inclusion in your sales engagements. This includes voice, network and Internet, data centers and colocation, cloud computing, security, software, IT services and more.

Perfect Partner for VARs

  • Offer New Services to Customers without Lengthy Launch Process
  • Widen Your Demand Base
  • Provide Cloud & On-Prem Option
  • Reduce Cloud-Related Attrition

TekEfficient Perks

  • Cloud Sales Experts, Assistance
  • Sales & Network Engineers
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Automated Order Management

Supercharge VAR Sales

Offer new technologies like cloud with ease to better address the needs today’s IT buyer – who is a services buyer! The days of only offering hardware solutions are numbered. So, how do you quickly and effectively augment your capabilities with services like cloud, network, security, and software without the pain of launching it all in-house?

Contact TekEfficient. Fill-in Your Gaps with Our Diverse Portfolio TekEfficient is more than a traditional telco master agent. We provide access to 1000s of technologies and services, acting as a one-stop shop for VARs looking to add new services. Win more deals by saying yes to more requirements with TekEfficient.

Let TekEfficient Be Your New Services Expert

Thanks to TekEfficient’s experienced sales support team, you don’t have to be a cloud, network, security, or software expert to be able to offer your new services to your customers and prospects. Add us to your sales calls and we will win together.

Sell More, Process Less

Nothing slows the sales force down like administrative work. Data entry. Quote and contract follow-ups. TekEfficient enables you to stay focused on what you do best: sales. Our team of back-office personnel handles all of the administrative processes involved with a successful new services sale.

The Customer Remains Your Customer

When you use TekEfficient to complete a technology solution, the customer stays on your paper as your customer. There is no need to worry about TekEfficient marketing directly to your customers or trying to win them away from you. Your success is our success. We are focused on the long-term relationship.