Enterprise Technology Solutions

TekEfficient knows that running IT at enterprise organizations is challenging. According to a major IT analyst firm, 70% of enterprise IT organizations are experiencing declining, stagnant, or only slightly increasing budgets this year. However, 50% of those same IT departments are expected to successfully launch new software/products/innovations.

Fund New Initiatives with Savings from Your Existing Spend

TekEfficient excels at being able to assess enterprise IT spend and find new budget from your existing monthly budget. With innovations in telecom, IT infrastructure, cloud, software and colocation the many monthly recurring services have declined dramatically in cost over the past 2 years.

Our team will come in and quickly analyze existing IT agreements, and in full confidentiality, identify areas for savings that can range from 20% to as much as 50% off what you are paying now – for the same or better service!

At scale, those savings add up in a hurry to provide new budget for new strategic initiatives.

You don’t have time to audit everything. TekEfficient will do it for you for free and then leverage our extensive global provider network to negotiate the optimal agreements for your organization.

Areas Where TekEfficient Can Help Enterprise IT

  • Telecom / Voice
  • Network Services / Bandwidth
  • Data Centers / Colocation
  • IT Infrastructure (hardware)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software / SaaS (including MSFT licensing)
  • Security Services
  • Managed IT Services / Support

Experienced in Assessing Highly Regulated IT Environments

Enterprise IT is a higher level of responsibility when compared to the average emerging company. TekEfficient is experienced working with and assessing highly regulated IT environments. Our recommendations take specific compliance and security mandates into account.