IT Security Consulting – Network, Cloud, Social Hacks, and More

Every year, security ranks as a top-three concern for CIO’s of all verticals, company sizes and specializations. And for good reason. Big name enterprises continue to make headlines as hackers penetrate their defenses and make off with sensitive data like customer credit card numbers, PII and other data that can be used in identity theft or other cyber crime.

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Ready to take your security to the next level, but not sure where to start? TekEfficient has relationships with a wide-range of security service providers and will be able to listen to your needs and match you up with the right next steps. This includes specific needs from managed firewall to DDoS to penetration testing to social hack prevention and much more.

Budget constrained? TekEfficient can help you find budget by reducing your existing spend on things like telecom services. Historically, we are able to renegotiate your existing contracts, saving you 20% to 50% or more, which can be directly applied to your network security initiative.

For more information on our comprehensive network security offering or our recommended services providers, please contact us today!

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