Government and Education

Government entities and institutions of higher learning face similar IT challenges: stagnant budgets with numerous innovation requests and mandates. We can help you deliver on these initiatives with new budget found from existing spend.

Deliver on Cloud Initiatives

The Federal Government led the way on cloud with a push to maximize government IT effectiveness. The OMB CIO implemented the Cloud First mandate as part of the Data Center Consolidation and Optimization Initiative or “DCOI”. In it’s most simplified summary, Cloud First means if it can go cloud, it should go cloud.

The reasoning can be applied to any state or local government entity or educational organization as well. Cloud helps reduce hardware sprawl, maximize utilization, increase responsiveness/agility, and offers a pay-as-you-go cost model.

However, you don’t just leap into the cloud deep end. Migrations are complex and mandate focus and resource commitments. We can help you assess cloud readiness, recommend vendors from our diverse list of vetted suppliers, and find new budget from existing spend such as telecom. It is common for the TekEfficient team to be able to reduce network spend by 20% to as much as 50%, while maintaining or exceeding existing performance!

Areas Where TekEfficient Can Help Maximize Effectiveness

  • Telecom / Voice
  • Network Services / Bandwidth
  • Data Centers / Colocation
  • IT Infrastructure (hardware)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software / SaaS (including MSFT licensing)
  • Security Services
  • Managed IT Services / Support

Experienced in Assessing Highly Regulated IT Environments

Enterprise IT is a higher level of responsibility when compared to the average emerging company. TekEfficient is experienced working with and assessing highly regulated IT environments. Our recommendations take specific compliance and security mandates into account.