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Public Safety Services – a technology consideration that businesses need to evaluate in the short term. There is growing momentum behind state legislation to regulate 9-1-1 service as it applies to businesses, basic guidelines concerning access to 9-1-1 and dialing prefixes to specific requirements regarding notifications and detailed location delivery to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

To end users like customers and employees dialing 9-1-1 is second nature and “just works”. However, the technology behind the service can be more complex and can route in different ways depending on what system a company uses over what technology delivery model (traditional PBX versus VoIP, etc.). Businesses want to protect the individuals in their ecosystem, but many are not sure what information is readily available when 9-1-1 is dialed, especially in the cases of remote offices / mobile devices. Also, how does the call interact with emergency response personnel and security? Are these teams even in the loop when a distress signal is sent?


TekEfficient, by way of our E9-1-1 partners, provides enterprise Public Safety Services and solutions that help businesses protect employees, customers and every individual that makes up your ecosystem. We help you meet E9-1-1 regulations while keeping costs in check. Additionally, TekEfficient automates and simplifies E9-1-1 management so users can reliably connect to 9-1-1 emergency assistance from the office, remote locations, the road – and most importantly – from any device. TekEfficient Public Safety Services support a number of different voice platforms including Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, ShoreTel, and Aastra.

TekEfficient’s vetted technology partner West Safety Services alone is trusted by more than 1,000 organizations (estimated 2.3 million lives), gives access to over 6,000 public safety answering points (PSAPs), and offers users have unrestricted access to emergency services, regardless of their location.

Stop taking 9-1-1 for granted and make sure it is actually protecting those who make your business work. TekEfficient can help with a free consultation and access to industry technical resources who will ensure your specific requirements are met.

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