Our History

Started with Telecom & Grew to Be a One-Stop Shop for All Business Technologies

TekEfficient was founded in 2004 by Patrick Etheridge as Telecom Efficient, a master agent working with the likes of Qwest and other large carriers helping to put customers in touch with the right telecommunications services.

Our goal has always been to help make IT executives’ lives easier by taking some of the administrative pressures of technology off of their plate, freeing them up to focus on more important aspects of the business.

Today, TekEfficient has grown to be far more than just a telecom master agent. We have more than 100 technology providers in our portfolio offering more than 1,000 products and services. These include cloud computing, software, hardware, data centers, backup and DR, IT services and of course internet, network and voice services.

We work hard to ensure our 500+ customers and partners receive the technologies that will help propel their businesses forward, enabling product innovation, and scaling indefinitely to ensure there is never an antiquation wall to maneuver around.

Our technology sales partner program has grown over the years as well. The program starting as a few select master agents and individual agents and brokers and has grown to include value-added resellers (VARs), managed IT services providers, IT consultants and numerous others involved in the tech sales process.

Today, we truly are the one-stop shop for customers and partners looking for well-rounded business technology solutions.

We Make IT Easy.