TekTalk: SMS/Text: 9 Reasons Your Business Needs a Solution


Strategic Focus: SMS/Text

9 Reasons Your Business Needs an SMS/Text Solution

  • 80% of mobile phone users check their phone first thing in the morning
  • 90% of mobile phone users keep their on their person at all times
  • 90% of mobile phone users are reached within 3 minutes of a sent text message
  • To text, you don’t need a smart phone
  • Texting forces concise communications, the preferred method for distracted users
  • Less than 5% of recipients opt out of text campaigns
  • Leads who receive a text during the sales cycle are 40% more likely to convert to a win
  • Text is the most frequently used communications for people under the age of 50
  • 78% of people prefer to have a text-based communications with a business
  • List courtesy of Vonage Reach – see the graphic here


Text “SMSText” to 50601



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Resources: More Helpful Stuff on SMS/Text

Looking for a little more information on SMS/Text for your customers? We have identified a few useful links (see below) that will provide color and use cases to help you identify ways to grow your business.


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