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Top 10 Mobile Trends for 2018


Mobile devices continue to dominate the world of technology, both for consumers and business application. So, at the halfway point for 2018, what are the top trends for the trendiest of technologies? What should you be paying attention to in order to stay ahead of the curve? Here is our top 10 TekTrends for the world of mobile technology.

1. Authentication Variations – whether it is a biometric scan, facial recognition or detection of your special look, protecting your mobile device has gone above and beyond the 4-digit password. In the data center world, biometric and retinal scanners have been used to protect data halls filled with IT infrastructure of the most sensitive companies in the world. With technological advancements and reduction in cost structure, the cutting edge in protection is now being brought into our everyday lives. Pretty soon, your car will open based on your look, your front door – there are so many applications.

2. Hybrid Mobile Applications – For years businesses had to choose between building their mobile app for iOS or Android or investing serious coin into a version for both platforms. With hybrid applications, developers can deliver business mobile applications that work on both platforms, reducing costs and time-to-market.

3. Virtual Reality – Yes, we have all seen and probably worn the viewing goggles equipped with the smart phone at this stage in the technology, but this is just the start for virtual reality and its integration with mobile devices. Analysts project the VR industry to exceed $26 billion by 2022. We have seen drone integration, immersive experiences to help treat mental disorders, and of course a plethora of gaming options. Businesses use VR for virtual tours, allowing prospective customers to experience their offering without actually having to be present.

4. Mobile Payment Solutions – Even with hackers and security concerns abounding in 2018, this hasn’t stopped mobile phone users from using apps like Apple Pay to streamline purchasing. Apple Pay users grew by 41 million to 86 million users worldwide from 2016 to 2017. Mobile payment solutions continue to pop-up, with new functionality and security features designed to put the end-users’ fears to rest. Can security concerns be addressed to the point where the mobile device replaces cash and credit cards for good? What will George Kastanza do with his oversized wallet?

5. Mobile Provider/Carrier Consolidation – The $26B T-Mobile / Sprint transaction was the marquis deal of the past 24 months, but across the globe, mergers and acquisitions continue to make headlines as providers fight for competitive advantages, more subscribers, and larger footprints. So far this year, you have announcements from Zayo, Verizon, AT&T, Fusion/MegaPath, Comcast, and numerous other carriers as the world continues to shrink. Who do you think will be next?

6. The Universal Home Remote – With IoT, what can’t you connect to your phone at this point? You can synch it with your TV as an actual remote. You can use it as a thermostat, garage door opener, light switch, home security monitoring device, and it even makes phone calls.

7. Mobile Security – The more mobile devices do for us, the more of a threat they become, or so it seems to 56% of mobile users who fear their mobile devices increase the likelihood they will fall victim to fraud/theft at some point thanks to a mobile-based security issue. This is one of the many reasons why the mobile security market is one of the hottest around, with a 40.5% CAGR projected through 2023 to the tune of $96.5 billion!

8. Cheaper Mobile Communications – 2017 was the year of the unlimited plan with even Verizon hopping on the bandwagon. In 2018, we have seen Sprint offer as low as a $15 per month unlimited plan in a drive to win competitive business. Price wars don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, which will be good for businesses and consumers alike.

9. Mobile Marketing – As the mobile device becomes more integrated into our daily activities, so does the attractiveness of using it as a way to advertise and/or communicate business related messages via text/SMS. By 2019, mobile will surpass TV as the medium attracting the most minutes in the US. Plus, with a range of technologies such as Vonage Reach allowing businesses to integrate marketing technologies with SMS/Text technologies, mobile marketing is easier and more targeted than ever.

10. Yes, You Guessed It – 5G – No mobile trend list is complete without mentioning the pending release of 5G wireless for mobile devices. This will truly be a game-changer, elevating mobile devices to broadcast quality rich media and further embedding mobile devices as our content source of choice. T-Mobile leads the way with 30 planned 5G cities by the end of 2018. AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon will all be launching in select cities this year, with all projecting nation-wide 5G in 2020.



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