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New Tech to Enhance Your / Your Customers’ Marketing Capabilities

What Is SMS and How Does It Help Reach People?

SMS stands for Short Message Service. In most cases, SMS refers to sending text messages via a mobile device. Using a marketing strategy that includes SMS as part of the communications mix ensures maximum awareness and responsiveness for end users/prospects. As people have their mobile devices on their person at all times, SMS is the ideal way to drive home a message that needs to be seen.

Examples of How SMS Marketing Can Drive Revenue

  1. Send an automated coupon when a target gets within a certain distance of your store
  2. Send a reminder text that it has been more than one year since the last teeth cleaning when the target drives past the dentist office
  3. After the sale, send a text with the target’s updated rewards program point balance, reminding them of what could be redeemed and thanking them for their loyalty
  4. Cross-sell message sent to target who just purchased a video game alerting them that special bonus packs / levels can be obtained with the purchase of collectible game pieces

Why Agents and IT Should Focus on Marketing Technology When You’re Not a Marketer

End-users and stakeholders may know you for one thing, say IT support, telecom/voice, Internet, cloud, etc. By positioning marketing technology, you are extending the realm in which your influencers consider you for problem solving and sourcing. Why stay pigeon-holed as the IT guy/girl, when you can be the keeper of all things innovation? By broadening your horizons, you better serve the stakeholders, drive sticky relationships, and – for tech sales – increase your revenue base per customer.

If You Don’t Know Anything about Marketing, Can You Still Position This?

Of course! That’s what TekEffecient is here for, to assist you in the positioning of new offerings. We can help you with trainings, providing subject matter experts for proposal calls, pricing exercises and more. Let a TekEfficient or supplier team member work alongside you until you feel comfortable going solo.

Aren’t There Regulations Governing Unwanted Text Messages?

There are. The mobile numbers used in SMS campaigns need to be opt-in phone numbers/accounts. However, if the campaigns are positioned correctly, the SMS becomes a welcomed communication, not the hated SPAM text that wakes you up at 2am.

What TekEfficient Suppliers offer SMS as Part of an Automated Marketing Solution?

This month’s spotlight is on Vonage and the Vonage Reach automated marketing platform. Use the button below to read more on Vonage, but suffice it to say, Vonage Reach offers a powerful automation platform that ties SMS marketing into integrated email, social, and direct marketing campaigns. As a bonus, it also integrates with most CRM applications for direct data transfer, account/contact updates.

How Are TekEfficient Partners Commissioned off This Product?

The pricing for Vonage Reach depends on licenses, the size of the data set, the features chosen and other factors. As a result, to gain more perspective on the financial opportunity that is SMS, we encourage you to give us a call and we can walk you through a sample scenario.




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Resources: More on SMS Strategy

Looking for a little more information on SMS before you engage? We have identified three useful links (see below) that will provide color and use cases to help you get a comfort level with SMS marketing, the industry, trends and more.




Spotlight: Vonage (Vonage Reach)

Vonage (NYSE: VG) is a leading provider of cloud communications services for business. Vonage transforms the way people work and businesses operate through a portfolio of cloud-based communications solutions that enable internal collaboration among employees, while also keeping companies closely connected with their customers, across any mode of communication, on any device.
Read More on Vonage Here