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Strategy: Pay Attention to These Trends in 2018

Buzz Word of the Year: Digital Transformation

From analysts to hardware and services providers, it is clear from websites, advertisements, emails, videos, podcasts and more that digital transformation is the topic of 2018.

While the words themselves without further definition are a tad ambiguous, what we have come to know is that it means hybrid IT change management – and that is a very important, hot topic this year. Chances are even with SMB’s, concerns exist with how to properly integrate multiple clouds, cloud-based applications, data centers/hardware, networks, and more – maintaining ideal performance, security, and compliance.

TekEfficient Recommends:

Ask your customers/partners about digital transformation and how it affects their lives this year. Listen for pain points and let us know how we can help!

More and More “Connected” Devices

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to mature in its development and integration, more and more devices will become Internet-enabled. This trend will also bring to market IoT device management and centralization platforms to make access easier, more efficient, and secure.

TekEfficient Recommends:

The more connected devices on your customers’ networks, the more the strain and drain on performance. IoT may cause a need for upgrade in capacity or network type and of course – we can help!

Multi-Cloud Management Platform Proliferation

With the challenges of digital transformation, IT executives will look for a reliable, easy-to-use multi-cloud management platform to streamline and secure integration.

With the increased demand comes new entrants to the market with new, unvetted solutions to go alongside the incumbents. Also, as time goes on, MCM platforms will improve with regard to the number/types of clouds supported and capabilities therein.

TekEfficient Recommends:

Use our team to help your customers vet MCM platforms before pulling the trigger. We have providers in the space already and can help ensure that what your customers need is what they will actually receive. Also – with sensitive data being passed back and forth, it is important to use a vetted, compliant provider to ensure privacy and protection.

Voice and Data, but not how you remember it

When you hear voice and data, you think traditional telecom services, but alas, this is not what we are going for in this section. Voice – in this case – means voice-activation/interaction with technology. The Alexa-type devices are selling like gangbusters. On Prime Day, they were going at a rate of thousands per MINUTE!

Siri got the ball rolling, but now voice-based technology engagement will become the norm and more IoT devices will provide a user interface featuring voice activation/controls. What’s more is that voice recognition software has entered a new age of accuracy, hitting a record 5.1% error rate in 2017.

Now to the data part. Data. Data. Data. AI Data. Machine Data. Big Data. We are all about the data at this point and 2018 will be chalk full of data-based conversations as AI is the darling of analysts and technologists.

While AI is incredible in its concept and future capabilities, mass adoption across the business world is still a ways away. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be paying attention though. Marketers are looking for ways to apply this predictive engine to the mid market and to SMB’s more effectively and give your customers a reason to care.

Intent and preferential data as well as behavior-based data sets mined from machine logs, etc. can help businesses be more effective at selling to their existing customers as well as acquiring new ones. It also helps mold user experience to ensure happy, loyal customers for long-term revenue streams.

TekEfficient Recommends:

2018 will not be the year we merge with the robots and engage in cyborg warfare like the movies. However, there may be practical applications for AI/machine learning for customers of all sizes this year. Businesses that listen and make actions based on data are more successful, so being able to help your customers establish a data-driven engine is extremely valuable. If your customers are using voice-activated technology like Alexa in the office and you have it tied to credit cards, etc. financial information in any way, provide consultation on securing this environment. Using Alexa to order things can be as easy as “buy this”, but we don’t want just anyone “buying that”.

One More Year Closer to 5G

Yes, we are drinking the 5G Kool Aid. With projected speeds of more than 10X existing mobile performance, 5G will be a game changer for businesses and consumers alike. The current projections for both a functional network and 5G phones is end of 2019. However, expect movement and insights on the technology throughout the year as we get closer.

TekEfficient Recommends:

Stay in the know and up-to-date to make sure you are ready to act and provide consultation to your customers once 5G is ready to go. It will be an excellent way to drive revenue as well as provide value to your customers. Of course, TekEfficient will provide updates via the TekTalk newsletters as they become available.




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