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TekTalk – IoT: Now Is the Time to Help Customers Scale

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IoT: Now Is the Time to Help Customers Scale

It’s estimated that we will hit 50 billion Internet-connected devices soon. That is six IoT devices per human on this planet and 50 per person living in the developed world. IoT is changing the world we live in for businesses and consumers alike – connected homes and cars, employees with phones, tablets, watches, laptops, and wearable connected tech.

IoT is a challenge for even the largest, most resourced IT departments in the world. Imagine how intimidating IoT is for your everyday business. That’s where you come in. This article identifies five ways a modest investment in IoT management will help every company prepare to scale in an IoT world. But first, don’t forget to sign-up for a free training this week! See below.

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Five Ways You Can Help Customers Address the IoT Challenge before It’s Too Late

1. Streamline Device Management
Device proliferation is really the crux of the IoT challenge. Everything is being connected to the Internet. In doing so, every device must have an IP address and be managed and monitored to ensure reliability, performance, and security. This is a daunting task. TekEfficienct offers your customers a solution where a vetted supplier onboards all Internet-connected devices into a management console that offers single-pane-of-glass transparency and access to make MDM easy and efficiency.

2. Reduce Vendor Complexity
As businesses grow, chances are the number of vendors involved in the delivery of mobility and IoT grows with them. This adds complexity, increases cost, and poses unnecessary risk. TekEfficient offers a solution where your customers can streamline vendors into a single contract, reducing costs and time spent on vendor management. The entire migration is handled as part of a 360-degree mobility solution.

3. Properly Manage Security Across All Devices
The most frequently cited challenge of IoT is security. Stories abound where large, impenetrable organizations have been taken down by a seemingly innocuous IoT device – think the hacking of a casino through an IoT thermometer on a lobby fish tank! Mobility is a huge security challenge as employees blend their everyday browsing habits with access to secure networks, company systems, and sensitive data. An added challenge is how to enable employee productivity by balancing an environment that is not too restrictive with scalable protection that ensures no employee unknowingly walks a threat in the back door. TekEfficient offers a secure IoT / mobility offering that extends the capabilities of any IT department to help prevent unauthorized access and malicious software from affecting your customers and partners.

4. Maximize Mobile Performance in a Global IoT World
With new technologies come cool new capabilities, like software-defined networking’s ability to offer access to many via a single connection. TekEfficient’s IoT/Mobility supplier offers customer/partner employees the ability to always connect to the mobile provider with the strongest signal, ensuring maximum call performance and data transfer. One contract gives your customers access to more than 650 carriers across the world and yes, it works internationally for global travel/international business engagements. Maximize productivity and end-user satisfaction for your customers!

5. Reduce Mobility Costs
Depending on the state of your customers’/partners’ mobility program, there is a good chance you can save them money that can be re-invested in a plan that helps them scale into an IoT world for what they are already paying. That is financial efficiency. You may even be able to reduce costs while adding incredible new capabilities. With this in mind, there really is no reason to leave your customers unprotected and at risk of being left behind with a tidal wave called IoT rolling towards shore behind them.

We encourage you to bring up IoT in your regular customer check-ups to see what your customers/partners are doing to prepare for this new connected-device world. If they are in need/interested in an IoT solution, remember TekEfficient is here to ensure you have the technical resources necessary to close the deal

Thank you for being part of the TekEfficient ecosystem and contact us with any questions on IoT!


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