TekTalk: Building a Cloud Desktop Cost-Savings Analysis



Sales Tips: Building a Cloud Desktop Cost-Savings Analysis

Customers Think End Points Last Forever

Most technology teams talk about a three to five-year tech refresh cycle, but when it comes to desktops and laptops, if they aren’t broken, many tech executives don’t believe they need replacing. However, old machines are less productive, provide a worse user experience, have security holes and can become challenging to support once fully antiquated.

Desktop as a Service allows tech teams to get the most from their end points as the actual compute, storage, memory, etc. resources delivered to the end point are updated with the central IaaS hardware upgrades. This means up-to-date technology for a better, more end-user productive experience.

Customers Want End Points to Last Forever to Save Money

For SMB’s, ponying up $20,000 for 20 new employee laptops hurts the checkbook. At the enterprise level, try $2,000,000! With flat budgets, technology executives look to find savings wherever possible. Many times, this is trying to extend the useful life of hardware and desktops/laptops.

Old End Points Are Like Cars – Once They Hit a Certain Age/Mileage…Watch out!

Short-term savings for short-term pain. Many times, the challenge associated with tech purchases is the decision to avoid hard costs while incurring larger amounts in soft costs. For example, if I am paying my desktop support guy a salary anyways, why do I care if he is spending most of his time tinkering with old laptops? But, what about the cost for the employee having their machine constantly out of commission? What about the length of time it takes for desktop support guy to get to the next broken computer…and the loss of productivity there? And so on.

Showing the Savings Associated with Cloud Desktops Helps Customers Make Informed Decisions

There are many levers that go into the end point total cost of ownership calculation. Of course, there is the hard cost of the machine itself, varying by make, model and resources needed (i.e. design machine needs more fast storage and memory, etc.). There is the software licensing component. Then you have the soft costs – time to procure the machines, bid them out and find the best pricing. Add in time to configure the machine according to company policy. Add in time to update the machines, patch the machines to protect from the latest threats, update software with everything cloud-based. Time to configure the user – active directory, role-based access controls and more. Time, time, time. Cloud desktops allows support to make changes to master images and apply to groups. One set-up for many. Far more efficient and in this case, saves large amounts in soft costs.





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Resources: Use the DaaS TCO Calculator from Dizzion

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