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Strategic Focus: Reverse 911 Emergency Communications

What Is Reverse 911?

Reverse 911 is the opposite of dialing 911. It is like 911 dialing you. In the event of an emergy or disaser, authorities (Police, Fire Department, etc.) use this system to notify large groups of people – by phone, text/SMS, web notifications, social media and more. All from a single, online interface.

How Does Reverse 911 Work?

In the case of West Corporation (GroupCast), a TekEfficient-vetted partner, all components of the application lives within multiple geo-dispersed data centers with redundant connections to the nation’s telephone grid. Information is synchronized at every location. This means that even in the unprecedented case of a regional
event affecting any part of the country, servers at the other locations continue processing notifications without interruption.

As for delivery, GroupCast uses multiple Tier 1 Voice Telecommunications Networks and delivers messages using best-of-breed VoIP, TDM, SMS, and email technologies. The application features massive capacity, allowing users to send hundreds of thousands of calls in minutes. On average, GroupCast utilizes less than 2% of its available capacity, and grows this capacity as needed based on usage. This helps ensure that during periods of peak activity (or even a regional emergency) the service can handle the needs of the organization.

Users access the system via the web, phone, or mobile app where they can monitor messaging and other components. Additionally, there are dashboards and templates to ensure effective, efficient communications.

Why Is Reverse 911 Important?

In the event of a disaster or emergency, altering those who are/could be affected as quickly as possible is critical to damage control. With Reverse 911, authorities can ensure their messages get through without outages or congestion. Additionally, the messages can be automatically translated from English to 70+ different languages with the click of a button.

Emergency messaging can include what roads / arteries are best to take, areas to avoid due to danger, best practices on what to do/how to act, things/people to look for in order to notify the authorities, informative notifications on critical status updates, and numerous others.

What Customers / Businesses Need Reverse 911?

The most common purchasers of Reverse 911 services include entertainment venues, real estate organizations (large building owners, apartment complex owners, etc.), hotels, retail stores, hospitals, airports, and restaurants amongst others where hosting groups of people is part of everyday business operations.

However, almost any business with a physical office can benefit from Reverse 911 as natural and man-made disasters can happen anywhere at any time. And, being prepared with a service that automatically notifies an entire ecosystem can help reduce serious risks for those that matter most to your customers.





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Resources: Learn More about Reverse 911 Services

Want to Learn More about Reverse 911 before Contacting TekEfficient?

We encourage you to learn more about Reverse 911 as it is an important technology, especially in today’s world, which seemingly gets more dangerous every year. Take a look at the resources provided below and feel free to schedule a time to talk with one of our team members should you still have questions or want to engage with TekEfficient as to how to position the service to your customers.





Spotlight: West Corporation

West Corporation (Reliance Communications, Inc./GroupCast) is a leading provider of on-demand notification solutions in the corporate and nonprofit markets. The company is counted on by thousands of institutions to keep constituents informed in both emergency and nonemergency situations.

The service sends more than 1 billion messages per year. This successful track record includes a 98% renewal rate and such flagship clients as Starwood Hotels & Resorts, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, and Polaris Industries.

GroupCast was founded to ensure clients were able to quickly and easily connect with their communities in any language and at any device. The company employs nearly 150 professionals in multiple, US-based geo-dispersed offices. No portion of the notification service, or the customer service/support, is subcontracted. When you partner with GroupCast you are working with a committed team that has been serving the communication needs of customers for more than a decade.

GroupCast operates as a subsidiary of West Corporation, one of the largest communications companies in the world. West Corporation manages more than 90% of the nation’s emergency 911 systems, owns and operates approximately 750,000 telecom ports, and has deep experience with delivering notifications of all types. The tremendous scale, stability, and resources that West Corporation provides makes GroupCast an ideal choice for mass notification.