TekTalk: Tech Needs That Come with a New Office Move

Are You or Your Customers Looking to Move to a New Office?

You Are Not Alone. Recent corporate real estate reports show sustained demand for office space.

According to the National Association of Realtors Q2 2017 Corporate Real Estate Outlook, even with a slight softening in the industrial market, demand for new office space is still strong. Check out the report here.

The Technology Ramifications of a New Office
A new office project brings with it a multitude of technology components, with which you go it alone and source each individually or make the move more efficient/cost-effective by leveraging the TekEfficient ecosystem as a one-stop shop. Check out a sample list of new office-related technologies/services that TekEfficient can source at no cost to you, by working with our vetted suppliers.

Sample List of TekEfficient-Ready Technology Needs That Come with a New Customer Office

Assessment / Consulting – get the project started off on the right foot with an assessment of current and future technology needs. Creating a roadmap will help ensure that your new office scales to meet your needs as your business grows. Additionally, this is an excellent time to identify ways to renegotiate existing contracts. TekEfficient will provide a projected cost savings as part of the consultation, which will help create more room in your tech budget.

Telecom Consulting – another professional services engagement that is critical to a new office move. It is important to understand what carriers are in the desired building/s for easy voice / network transition. If the new office doesn’t have the carriers you are currently using, there may be additional costs involved to get them there or you may need to source a new carrier/s to make the new office work.

Network / Internet / Wifi – a new office most likely means you / your customers are growing! Why negotiate new network needs on your own when TekEfficient has been helping companies with this process for decades? We know what you should be paying and have a comprehensive understanding of pricing across a wide-range of providers. Also, we can help project budget and utilization in the short and long-term using trend data.

Cabling – a technology requirement that is commonly overlooked is the cabling needs for the new office (i.e. low voltage cabling for network). Many companies like you/your customers will not have the know how or resources to do this on their own. Instead, they will rely on the building team to source it for them. This can be a costly engagement. Instead, choose TekEfficient for cabling. Our experts will help you get superior cabling results for less cost.

Conferencing – growing companies like you / your customers need a professional conferencing solution to win business in national markets, work with out-of-market business partners and employees, and execute virtual events. TekEfficient suppliers are fully vetted, offer diverse solutions for any size need, and come with pre-negotiated pricing for maximum cost effectiveness. TekEfficient will match the right solution based on your specific requirements.

Phone Systems – an office move is the perfect time to transition from legacy phone systems to a more economical, efficient and scalable VoIP/Unified Communications option. TekEfficient has been helping companies transition phone systems since day 1 and will be by your side to ensure maximum satisfaction. We offer a wide range of phone providers to choose from – enterprise grade to low-cost/no contract options.

Information/Network Security – this is a hot topic right now with the Equifax hack. TekEfficient can help businesses of all sizes protect their company, employees and customers for a price that will fit almost any budget.

Desktop-as-a-Service – extend the lives of laptops/connected devices with cloud desktops / desktop-as-a-service from TekEfficient. Plus, everything created and stored will be on corporate-controlled cloud infrastructure and spinning up a new user is accomplished with a few clicks of the mouse.

Office 365 for email, business applications – email and Microsoft licensing can be cumbersome to keep up with for companies experiencing high growth. TekEfficient suppliers provide options for Office 365, cloud-based delivery of Microsoft Exchange and the full business suite of applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and others.

e-911 – Once again, growing companies will normally rely on the carrier/building for 9-1-1 emergency services. However, TekEfficient suppliers can help with the largest services provider in the U.S. as a strategic partner.

Outsourced IT Support, Help Desk – even if your customer has an IT department, resources are strained during transition periods. TekEfficient suppliers can provide outsourced help desk / IT services full time as well as on-demand/hourly.

Hybrid IT / Cloud infrastructure / Colocation – depending on the size and type of company making the move, there could be a substantial amount of hardware being swapped / added to enable to the change. This may mean a move to the cloud or a data center transition or both. TekEfficient suppliers offer cloud and colocation options for optimal data center and cloud migration. Save money, but more importantly – mitigate risk – as the data center is the technology heart of your organization.

Backup and Disaster Recovery – If ever there was a non-disaster-based use case for backup and disaster recovery it is when you move locations. So many things can get lost in translation and having ready backups is the best way to rest easy throughout the process. TekEfficient has numerous providers who can do cloud-based backup and DR or traditional physical to physical BCDR.

Call Centers / Contact Centers – a common need for companies experiencing unprecedented growth is outsourced call center support for customer service, sales and other business functions. Use the TekEfficient provider ecosystem to find the right call center option and ensure the implementation is delivered on-budget and on-time.



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Resources for Companies Moving into a New Office

New Office – TekEfficient Case Study

This month, our team helped a growing, 8-person small business launch a new office in Denver, Colorado. For security purposes, we will keep the name of the customer confidential. TekEfficient was able to get in early with this customer and work hand-in-hand to identify the full spectrum of technology needs.

At the end of the initial consultation, TekEfficient had identified a multitude of technology needs that could be addressed using our supplier ecosystem. They included Office 365 (including email services such as migration, set-up, etc.), Hosted PBX with Toll Free service and programming services, managed firewall, email security, and Internet.

This is just one example of how even small businesses can require a variety of services that can be addressed using the TekEfficient ecosystem. Save time and money by letting us do the vetting for you, keeping your focus on key business drivers.

Work with Commercial Real Estate Brokers

An excellent source for office move-in information is corporate real estate brokers from houses like CBRE, JLL, Newmark and others. Below are some links to broker directories for easy reference. See who is in your region. Then if you find the right broker, make sure you integrate their team with TekEfficient. Together, we can ensure every aspect of the office move is taken care of according to your budget and timeline requirements.

Commercial Real Estate Market Reports

Track the markets so you can provide intelligence for your customers as they consider a move.





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