TekEfficient Provider Spotlight: ThinkingPhones


The widespread adoption of mobile devices at home and in the enterprise is fundamentally transforming the way we communicate and conduct business. Your workforce and customers are as likely to communicate through text, images, and video as they are through voice alone. Meanwhile, much of this communication activity is happening through your staff’s personal devices, virtually disappearing from your view and control. The problem is that the world has changed, but yesterday’s simplistic phone systems and the voice-centric service providers that supply them have not.

We believe that a shift is occurring in business that facilitates a new way of thinking about how you and your customers connect. This new future is completely mobile and dynamic based on the context and location of each interaction.


  • Business Voice
  • Business Intelligence
  • Contextual Intelligence
  • Cloud Contact Center
  • Video Conferencing
  • Presence Indication
  • Mobile Communications
  • Business Analytics
  • Cloud Integrations