Reverse 911: Protecting Individuals and Companies in Emergency Situations

As we learn and move forward from recent natural and man-made disasters, it is clear that more efficient, emergency communications is critical to protecting individuals and companies. Learn more about reverse 911.

Reverse 911: Efficient Emergency Communications

The past few months have been filled with natural and man-made disasters that have dramatically affected large groups of individuals and businesses. As communities recover, evaluate and move on, one of the areas of improvement that has been identified is how to enable more efficient, effective emergency communications.

As a result, reverse 911 services / technologies have come to the forefront for businesses / organizations looking to better prepare for what may come next. Reverse 911 enables emergency response from police, fire fighters and other organizations in the US and Canada to large groups of individuals within a defined area or business.

If you are a business looking for more information on reverse 911, please contact TekEfficient.  We work with a variety of partners who can help including West Corporation, who’s data sheets we have included at the end of this post. TekEfficient can help you get reverse 911 to market faster, find the right provider and negotiate the best rates for your organization – all at no cost to you.

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